Let It Go! Let It Go!

If you have children you are probably beginning to get a little tired of the most recent Disney hit “Frozen”.  Even if you do not have children, I am sure you have listened to the hit song from the movie called “Let It Go” at least a couple dozen times.  This song can be somewhat of a theme for those of us that deal with students.

FrozenA key piece of information that many veteran teachers know (and the new ones learn real quick) is that kids are going to push your buttons.  It is inevitable.  Now sometimes it may be more often than others and you may even go through long stretches where you think teaching is a piece of cake. But it is a guarantee that eventually they will push you to your limit.  It may the constant behavior that takes you away from your teaching and their learning.  It may be something they say that is disrespectful.  Or maybe worst of all, they do something that just plain hurts your feelings.

hurt feelingsAt moments like these I am sure you handle the situation with professionalism and in accordance to your school’s Student Code of Conduct.  These policies and procedures are followed and life goes on.  But many times inside you, it isn’t that easy.  You may have a flood of emotions such as anger, sadness or even self doubt.  It is vital at moments such as these, that you do just as the song says “Let It Go”.

You have to let it go and most importantly DO NOT HOLD A GRUDGE!  Remember, they are kids.  They know not what they do.  They view many of their teachers as anything but human.  You are a version of a person they see have reactions, but they rarely ever think about what is inside you.  They are only aware of the hard shell, not the soft center.  If you keep these feelings fresh, it will only cause harm to yourself.  Prior to any dealings with students, just know they are going to make mistakes, they are going to push your buttons, they are going to drive to levels of emotions you did not know you had.  But if you choose to let it go, if you choose to stay calm, if you choose to be happy then you can flourish in this profession.  You will start to see more and more good and less and less bad.

Truly kids are really cool people.  They just aren’t a complete package yet and their flaws will come out in various and unpredictable ways.  That is what we are their for. To help them deal with these flaws and to hopefully turn them into strong adults.


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