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  1. I really appreciated the information provided in this online writing course. I kept waiting for the quizzes throughout to check for understanding, but there weren’t any. I am fond of incorporating writing into and across all curricular areas of learning. I teach 2 high school science classes and we write every day as a bell ringer. We use the Collins Writing Process that our district adopted many years ago. I am a special education teacher and many of my students have limited writing skills so that’s one of the reasons we write every day – to hone in on the skills the students currently have and to add skills to those students who are struggling writers. I find that the students write their best when they are writing about a topic that is of their interest and they have the most knowledge of. This course helped to hone my writing skills so that I can incorporate many of the suggestions from the standards that we use each day. I realize that some of these standards may be difficult for my students to reach but I look at it as one day at a time and added and growth shown will be the outcome at the end of the year. This course offers a plethora of resources for all facets of writing. I feel that no matter what you teach, all teachers need to incorporate writing into their daily lessons. It helps to calm some students as well as bring stress on those students who are not writer friendly. However, those students who feel stressed through having to write can always start out gradual and build up to being a better writer as the year continues. Many of the sections reviewed in the table of contents for this course are things I use in my writing with my students. I’m excited to begin incorporating the areas of Analyzing and Interpreting and Taking a Stand/Propose a Solution. These areas I don’t use but would like to incorporate in the next few months of school. Thank you for this information. It was extremely helpful and informative.