Lack of Respect!!!

I was on Facebook and one of the people I consider a friend posted the following:

TeacherPrayerPicMy first thought was why does it have to be a teacher?  They could have used any adult such as a parent, grandparent, friend etc.  There are endless options other than using a teacher.  Now I really don’t think the intent is to make the teacher look bad.  This was meant for the purpose of those who may not believe in God. But regardless of your thoughts and beliefs on religion, don’t you take away from this that the teacher is dumb, that the teacher doesn’t have a brain and that the teacher is close minded!

I know for most of you I am preaching to the choir, but I still do not understand the lack of respect teachers receive.  Deep down I do believe it is the majority that still appreciates the incredibly difficult job anyone working in education has.  It just seems that more and more of these types of things are creeping into the norm and becoming socially acceptable.

As I have written before, teachers are generally sensitive people.  We are put under incredible amounts of stress and expectations in the name of what is best for the kids.  We understand that, but these things begin to get old and overtime start to chip away at our efforts and energy levels.

So many times you are expected to do a little more, give a little more stay a little longer and in nearly every case, the teacher really doesn’t mind.  Teachers are givers by nature.  The key to this is no different than it is for anyone.  Teachers want to be appreciated for what they do.  A pat on the back and a genuine thank you can go a long way and be very uplifting.

Some of you may be thinking but not all teachers are good.  Unfortunately, that is true.  Teachers are hired from the human race and not everyone is good.  But most are and they care very deeply about their students and the job they are doing.

All things seem to cycle and I am sure this is no different.  I just hope I am still around when it does.


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