Do You Still Dream?

During my college years, I remember always thinking about school.  What my classroom would look like, how I would teach a certain topic, how good it would feel to go to extra-curricular events and see the students. I also remember dreaming about being able to use new pieces of technology or a new technique for teaching.  It seemed like every time my mind had a spare moment, I was dreaming about how to make things better, more exciting, more interesting. Just plain more enjoyable and effective.

dreamingThis constant dreaming continued into the early years of my career.  Dream, Dream, Dream.  Like the old song by the Everly Brothers “All I Have To Do Is Dream” (note: this song was popular before I was born).  That was me.  Constantly focused on the visions in my head about school and students and teaching and everything related.

TeachingThinkingI think as time goes on, educators tend to lose this feeling.  They begin to dream less and less. That vision of why they went into teaching begins to fade.  There is less dreaming and more concentration on getting things done. I feel a big part of longevity in this profession is the ability to keep dreaming.  Don’t forget why this is still the greatest profession.  Don’t forget how important this job is.  Don’t forget that most students are really cool kids to be around.  Don’t forget that if we want students to grow up to be good people, then we have to show them what good people look like.

Is this as easy as it sounds?  No way.  It is the type of profession that will beat you down and bring you to your knees if you let it.  But good people get back up and that is what teachers are and that is what teachers do.  They get back up.  They keep moving forward.  They keep dreaming!

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