What is this Communication thing you are talking about?

“Where the Left Hand doesn’t know what the Right Hand is doing and they really don’t care”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was a statement a veteran teacher would say quite often about whatever was going on in the school district. Communication seems to always be an issue in any organization and especially in a school system.

Now there are two parts to this statement. The first could actually be true in some cases. If information isn’t provided or sent to people, then you could very well have a situation where people don’t know what is going on. When people aren’t given information, then it is really easy to get frustrated. And you know as well as I that when people get on a roll of negativity, it can really gain momentum. People will almost always imagine the worse when they are left to ponder on their own.


Many times as well a person could have a valid point by saying the left doesn’t know what the right is doing. It could be the lack of an agenda for professional development days, a discipline situation with a student they were not told about or an assembly that is coming up that people weren’t aware of. Teachers are planners. They have to be with all that is on their plates at any given time. It is vital that everyone in a school or district be on the same page and informed of needed information. Without this information, then the second part of the statement “…and they really don’t care” is the result.

Now this part is usually not true. People do care and educators in particular have some of the biggest hearts you can imagine. But they are also sensitive people and want to feel that they are important. So when they are not told about something that they feel would be helpful, then they naturally are under the impression that no one cares.

sadOne important piece of information to keep in mind is that you will always have a small group that no matter how many times you email, discuss, mention, announce or remind, they will still claim that they were not told!